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HomeLandings media is a collaboration between two artists  living in far west NSW. We pursue stories that explore the uniqueness of the Australian continent and the human connection to land and water. We seek to learn from endangered communities, fragile ecologies and rare knowledge systems that are under threat in the Anthropocene.



We are privileged to be living on the Darling-Baaka river and working alongside the community to tell their stories of a river system caught between a changing climate and the over extraction of Australia's water resources.


It is important to question our place on the earth and to connect with the knowledge and culture of Aboriginal Australians who are the first and future custodians of this land. Through storytelling and good yarns we hope to investigate the deep past that has brought us here together and deepen our connection to a collective future. We pay our respects to the traditional custodians, Elders past, present and emerging, that have welcomed us here and continue to hold space for us all. We would like to thank all mob for sharing with and educating us about their land and ultimately holding a mirror to ourselves and our society. With the knowledge that we are ever stronger together, we can begin to question our place on this vast continent and work towards a beautiful future for all creatures great and small.

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“The grand Australian bush, nurse and tutor of eccentric minds, the home of the weird, and of much that is different from things in other lands.”

Henry Lawson


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