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Life on the Darling-Baaka

A Pulse In The System - This Is Water Documentary Web Series - Ep. 4
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Episode 4: A Pulse In The System

In March 2020 the first flows in three years came down the Darling-Baaka and filled lakes Wetherell and Pamamaroo of the Menindee Lake System, creating much needed habitat for native fish. In this episode we talk to Fisheries Manager Iain Ellis about the significance of the Darling-Baaka and the Menindee Lakes for the survival of Murray Cod, Golden Perch and other unique Australian fish species that suffered huge losses during the fish kills in early 2019. We explore the incremental damage done to native fish habitat in 230 years of land and water modification in the Murray-Darling Basin and how human interference has created a challenging environment for these ancient fish. Episode 4: A Pulse In The System also considers some of the strategies for repairing the health of our inland rivers and how a human controlled system might better accommodate these extraordinary creatures


A film by Dan Schulz & Otis Filley


Music by Rings Around Saturn - "The Edgelands"


Unknown Mobile - "Simone can't swim" and "Oenology"

With Thanks to

Iain Ellis

Department of Primary Industries

Menindee Central School


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